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Breeze Bengals is a TICA registered cattery located in Grande Prairie, AB. You can also find me, Sabrina Hewer, on TICA's registered breeder list. We have a small breeding program and raise all of our cats in our home as part of our family. You can find bengal kittens for sale here. Our goal is to produce high quality healthy bengals. Currently we have brown and snow spotted bengals. We breed to produce  good head type, puffy whisker pads, and striking rosetted patterns to mimic that of a leopards. We are searching for the perfect addition to our breeding program to produce silver bengals in the near future. 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline


Our Stud and Queens are genetically tested for PRA and PK Def through UC Davis labs or Optimal Selection to ensure healthy kittens. We also screen our breeding adults annually for HCM using a board certified cardiologist in Edmonton, AB (Kim Hawkes, Pulse Veterinary)

All of our bengals are feed a high quality balanced raw diet provided by a local business, Powered by Raw. We recommend that you continue to fed a raw diet as well.


A Furever Friend


Our bengals are raised underfoot in our home with love and care. Every kitten is well socialized before leaving for their Furever home. Every kitten gets plenty of playtime with our 2 children and the family dog. Well the kittens play on, over and around the dog and she just tries to find a quiet place to hide. We want each of our kittens to leave our home, feel comfortable around people and bond with their new family.


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Heartland Cat Fanciers Club

Kitana of Breeze Bengals first cat show September 2017.

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